Inspiration & Designing

Every designer or person of the arts has their own muse, something that drives their passion and drives them to execute the idea to action.

I always loved to spot beautiful and esthetic features and grew to find my style and signature after years of experience doing what I love and was blessed to do.

I can find myself starting a design by looking at a beautiful view visiting a foreign country, good dining, feeling nature or even seeing a beautiful stylish woman passing by in the street.

The passion to design something else, something new, something over the edge, to outdone myself is always there. Each design starts with a small idea that I develop a little bit more and I continue to work on it until it is perfect in my eyes.

Taking out a collection is like putting your soul out there for anyone to see after struggling sometimes with yourself in ways that no one can tell. Each one is different than the other and reflects moments or a period in my life.

I feel that from one collection to the other I am getting to know myself even better and let myself release the inner passion of making the best of me. I feel blessed when I get to see that my brides are excited about my designs as I do and choosing me for the most important day in their lives.

I urge any of you who has a passion for something to work hard and release it to the world, fulfilling your destiny is simply the best feeling ever.

Truly yours,


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Inspiration & Designing

Every designer or person of the arts has their own…