The designer


Born in Israel in 1983. From an early age Elihav demonstrated an innate talent for design and fashion. Elihav’s passion for diverse forms of art has encouraged him to master every essential detail and excel, despite having no formal training. Elihav has managed to combine his curiosity and creativity both in High-end Fashion, and Top Cuisine.

Elihav’s first collection debut was in 2009, taking the fashion industry by storm. Between the years 2007-2009, he designed the sportswear collection for Nicki & Paris Hilton in Los Angeles.

In 2013, Elihav was chosen to appear on the Israeli cooking competition show "Master Chef", coming in second place; adding to his long list of accomplishments.

As a result of his overwhelming popularity among viewers, in 2014 Elihav hosted a daily show on the Fashion Channel, whereby he shared his thoughts on art and fashion, and taught Israel a few lessons in lifestyle.

Nowadays, the House of Elihav Sasson presents its collections at the flagship store, located in the heart of Tel-Aviv.

Elihav's designs have become well known all over the world and receives rave reviews and recognition.

With each collection he brings out new ways to represent his inspiration and talent in an innovative, edgy, sophisticated and refined way with high-end standards so that every woman can make her wedding dress dream come true.

With much love, because love is all that matters…